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Hello, Goodness Media School opens 2020 Admission. GiFT Cochin offer One Year Diploma in Film Direction, Film Editing, Sound Design & Audio Engineering, Photograhy, Videography, Cinematography, Graphics Design. Motion Graphics & VFX. Certificate Course in Scrpt Writing, Acting, Anchoring & News Reading & Dubbing. For Details, Call: 9656117063

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Duration : One Year DIPLOMA IN VIDEOGRAPHY, Three Months CERTIFICATE IN VIDEOGRAPHY & Crash Program on Demand

Eligibility : SSLC / +2 pass

This is a one year course in Photography, Videography & Cinematography with an added C-DIT certification in Videography. The course will begin with an introduction in still photography and its principles. Theory and practical sessions in artificial and natural lighting will help build a thorough base before the more advanced sessions in multi-cam training, camera movement, track and trolley starts. Successful completion of the course will produce a cinematographer with a strong theoretical and practical base.

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